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Ionize Your Pool!
by Peter Crawford, Environmental Assistance Director
Vermont Small Business Development Center

Alternative Sanitizers for Swimming Pools There is now a viable alternative to using chlorine or bromine as a swimming pool sanitizer. Copper/silver ionization is a proven technology used to sanitize water in many different applications. It is used for drinking water, cooling towers, fountains, fish ponds, zoo water features, industrial waste water, industrial process water and of course for swimming pools. Its most notable use is by NASA as the treatment method of choice to purify drinking water aboard their spacecraft. This technology has not been approved in VT for commercial spas yet.

Copper is a well known algaecide and bactericide and silver is also well known for its ability to kill bacteria and viruses. Pool ionization eliminates the constant need for chlorine, though ionized pools still need a regular shock routine, this can be accomplished with a non-chlorine shock, if you want to totally eliminate chlorine from your pool. In the long run this reduces overall chemical costs, not to mention the pleasure of no chlorine smells and associated bleaching. You and your guests will really notice the difference, especially for an indoor pool. There is also the Nature 2 mineral cartridge option which uses no electricity.

Ionizers run from $200-$1500 depending on the size of your pool and the features of the ionizer (you definitely want one which automatically switches between copper and silver electrodes), and are very easy to install in your existing system (electrode PVC Tee just needs inserted into the PVC line after the filter, and hooked up to power). Electrodes usually last 2-3 years for seasonal pools, and replacement tends to cost <$100. Since ionization uses low voltage, it costs very little to run, and is safe.

Manufacturers of Swimming Pool Ionization Sanitizer Systems
(All but Ecosmarte need regular shock, but no other chemicals, prices are from 1/2000)

PO Box 204, Cornelia, GA 30531
Phone: 800-364-5710
Model RS-50, <50,000 gal, 120 volts = $1295
Model CS-75, commercial, <75,000 gal., 120 volts = $1595

Caribbean Clear™
manufactured by:
Fenix Technology, Ltd.
9302 Old Two Notch Rd.
Batesburg, SC 29006

1626 West 150, South West Point, Utah 84015
Phone: 801-728-4520
Model PI-E, <25,000 gal., 120 or 240V = $195
Model PI-D, <50,000 gal., 120 or 240V = $395

4306 Osborne Ave., Tampa, FL 33614
Phone: 800-678-7439
Model 401, <40,000 gal., residential = $499
Model 402, <90,000 gal., commercial = $699

649 Executive Drive, Willowbrook, IL 60521
Phone: 800-635-7873
Model for residential pool is $1000
commercial model is $4000

Phone: 1-800-466-7946
Input Voltage: 110V; 220V, Ionization Electrode: 100% Pure Copper with coating Oxidation Electrode: Proprietary Titanium composite material. No shock necessary.
< 50,000 gallons, Model priced at $1499 installed.

Burbank, CA 91505
Phone: 818-504-6616
Model: System wwp2000, < 17,000 gallons = $1275
+ Model 200 (add on) ups rating to <40,000 gallons = $190
(claim to have highest electrode silver content @ 10%)

For more information contact:
Peter Crawford at the Vermont Small Business Development Center


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